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4tren is a quite strange clone of Fortran who is the brother of 3gameecho and is the father of MarreohGuiyii,



Toon 4tren

Toon 4tren.

and Fuiyii.  Once, he loved romance, but at this time he hated romance. His wife is 13lona, who still loved romance. He decided to make a group called the Klu Klux 4tren, who killed married humans and any non-Guiyii. At some point, 4tren went mad and ended up killing his own and beautiful wife 13lona. Later on, he found out that 13lona was revived by Un Ded to 13lona II. He got angry and killed her again. When he says "Press Enter key to introduce old project!", you become extremely old and die. He lost all his teeth when he tried copying Fortran by eating candy. He eats too much tomato, instead of ketchup, that's why his teeth are red. His wannabe is 8tren (who copyied 4tren) but 4tren didn't liked him ripping him off and 8tren became evil. 4tren then went to prison while 8tren joined Fortran and 3gameecho tried to bail him out and escaped, Fortran and 8tren were mad when 4tren and 3gameecho escaped. His cousins are 1bon and 2racuubi.

Later on

When 4tren, along with Guiyii and Marreoh, died, Un Ded decided not to revive them.  the trash, where it eventually . A Weegee clone worked there and brought Guiyii's dead body to Weegee. Weegee revived it with his own power, so Guiyii is now on Weegee's side and lives with Marreoh again, but he's still normal and still goes under the name Guiyii. In Marreoh's turn, .   and brought Marreoh's dead body to Malleo. Malleo revived Marreoh with his power, so Marreoh is now on Malleo's side and army and also currently lives with Guiyii again, but still normal and still goes under the name Marreoh. Un Ded threw 4tren's dead body to Fortran's Factory. Fortran revived 4tren with his power, 4tren is now on Fortran's side and lives with his son Marreoh and his step-son Guiyii again. 

Sometime after that, he had a battle with Limeegreelleo. Read Limeegreelleo's page for more information.