Toon Armageddongee

Toon Armageddongee.

Not to be confused with to Armageddeegee

Lemme Guess, now you'll say...

Armageddongee, not to be confused with Armageddeegee, is the king of the Armagetian Kingdom. His powers are actually unknown, though he had a lot of clones. We know only that they're strange (Like Homing Rays, black portals, or reflecting shields). He was a member of the League of Weegees back when it was in activity. He's one of the most known Weegees for his... well, his wars. He used to claim to be an hero, but nowadays though he does care about morals he isn't anymore trying to save anything from evil until it affects him, people close to him or his kingdom directly. He got, like his brothers, part of the World Destroyer's powers, but though this he is the third weakest of his brothers. His friends are mostly Sling KingWikiContributeegeeAD and NourGodly1592. He and Nour used to quarrel about their low self-esteem and unluck, but after Magna and Finn's pranks and Nour getting bad luck, Armageddongee seemed to fare better. So, it seems like that one's luck reverses the other's unluck and vice versa.