Tap Pause to Change!

~ Garbon

Garbon is the cousin of Fortran and Ragamiicho and the brother of Boracuubi. Strangely, he is not rivals with Fortran at all, and he is not at all jealous of Weegee being the next ruler like Ragamiicho was. Some people say that he is the father of Walleo but most people don't believe it. When he says "Tap Pause to Change", it will start raining change. The people that think he is Walleo and Waweegee's adopted father say that he is supposed to be the 2nd cousin of Weegee, but because Walleo and Waweegee are Weegee's cousins, they would say he is a considerate uncle. His wife is Udfigbivuh. Garbon does have two sons, but he doesn't like mentioning them. Garbon also have yellow teeth from drinking mustard.



Toon Garbon

Toon Garbon.