Toon Luig

Toon luig.

Go Luig!

Luig is the cousin of Fortran and Ragamiicho. He is Mari 's brother, the rival of Waluig and is Weegee's grand uncle. His best friend is Gunthe and helps Mari save Princess Peac. He is also friends with Baxte, Gunthe, Peac, Dais, Gok ,and Spongebo and Baragi. He is Rivals with Dimenti, Coun Blec, WaluigWari, Wagunthe, Waxte and used to be rivals with Donkey/Donke Kon. His cousin is Lugi, and they like to kick stuff. He one stared into a mirror and made 3ig. Luig joined the League of Weegees.. Luig was eventually killed in the Fakegee War, but he was revived as Luig II. Luig II was eventually destroyed, but Mari revived him eventually. He is now back to normal. However, he might be going a little crazy, even crazier than his brother because of the war. He was eventually cured but still has flashbacks every now and then.

His Weegee version is Weeg