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Mawio is the creepy fusion of WeegeeMalleo, and Mario. He wants to become part of the Malleo evolution but they wouldn't let him join. He is also considered a fusion of a Malleo Clone and an Awheeo Clone, as he looks more like it, however that fusion is actually Maagerio. His brothers are LumgiMalluigi, and Leegario. His rival is Wawio.
Toon Mawio

Toon Mawio.

Toon Mawio V.2 and 2.0 new improved

Toon Mawio 2.0 V.2 my new improved my fixed a my colors of my fusion a of Toon Malleo and Toon Weegee Toon Meegee. fusion of Toon Mawio 2.0 or V.2 V2 my new improved my fixed colors.