Alternate Meegee

Alternate Meegee.

Toon Meegee

Toon Meegee.

Meegee was a 
Fakegee that was created when a Weegee clone was fused to a Malleo clone during Fuseegee's "fusing spree". Despite the large amount of Malleo and Weegee clones in theUnited 'Gees Galaxy, only one Meegee was formed. He was at first a member of the A. A. Q. W. F, and even was with Weegee when he turned Squidward into Sqeegee. But he than quit the A. A. Q. W. F, and betrayed Weegee. Meegee then tried to pose as a Malleo with the Weegee Virus and ended up being killed by Sqeegee, who thought Meegee was posing as him. Meegee was then revived by Un Ded as Meegee II. He has a brother named Lalleo. After the creation of Meegee III, a little part of the brain of Meegee felled in the revival tube, and now Meegee I and Meegee II have been revived and are part of Plankteegee's Army. Meegee also was a mustache fanatic.

In Low Budget Comics, Meegee plays as the main character who has anger management issues. He often swears and insults other characters, even inspite of their importance to him.


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