Monroe is the biological brother of Malleo. He was Fortran's first born son. When Malleo was born, Monroe

 ran away because he was convicted of conspiring against his father. He was fifteen at the time of Malleo's birth. He went to the Trolliverse Isles to hide from the Gee Agents. 5 years after he ran away, he founded the Po Kun Maia. Monroe is the Overlord, while there are multiple Underlords that control the sub-factions of the Po Kun Maia. He then formed the Zelor Republic within the Zelor star cluster. It was a democratic star system with Fugaku being the current president. When Malleo was thirty years old, Fortran told him that he had an older brother that ran away. Malleo is searching for him to this day, but has never been able to find him. whats the are you my mores in is a Ugly Meegee. and or Meegee 2.0 or Meegee V.2, he's brothers ofs on the my is a Meegee

Alls mores of meegees

1.Meegee 2.0

2.Meegee V.2

3.Ugly Meegee