Has no article has been warning DevinMoffit2 Warning Weegee has no possible DevinMoffit2 Warning Weegee has no article fixed them. DevinMoffit2 Warning WeegeeNourGodly1592 is a new Fakegee and he was trained by Himself

His powers are powerful, Fakegees can't kill them unless Hypneegee absorbed NourGodly's Power , NourGodly can return his powers in weeks but he should stay in his seal.

Before Hypneegee absorbing NourGodly's Power, His Powers are more powerful than anyone

Teleport: He can teleport in a secret way to kill people

BLazer: BLazer absorbs Fakegee's Powers and Gives to NourGodly

Beam of Judgement: This was the final Powers of NourGodly, It kills Fakegees like Insane The Truth of Battle between Hypneegee and NourGodly Hypneegee was myth of Weegee Clone, NourGodly started to battle with Hypneegee, after NourGodly used Beam of Judgement, Hypneegee was about to die, BUT he absorbed NourGodly's Powers. so He entered his seal reviving his powers and he can't battle Hypneegee untill the powers being more powerful