Has no article has been warning DevinMoffit2 Warning Weegee has no possible DevinMoffit2 Warning Weegee has no article fixed them. DevinMoffit2 Warning WeegeePeanuteegee is a Disney Fakegee and a Leke Hewhaw kid and lived at the United 'Gees Galaxy and Disgee Planet, he is 7 years old, he is smart and can be quite funny sometimes but he is always a loyal fakegee kid, he hates dancing espcially the Weegee Dance, but he does it, but rarely he dances, he joined the Disgee

Army and Weegee's Army he also has two of Weegee's ablities and has his own ablities his sister is Buttereegee Jellyeegee Weegee Eubieegee, he is best friends with Munchyeegee, Flickeegee, Flickalleo and Weegee Clone 7734  he is enemies with Peanut Otter, he was made when Weegee  wanted to create the first PB&J Fakegees so he used 42eegee's Weegee Clone Maker to create Peanuteegee, he is known to live in Leke Hewhaw  which is located in Disgee Planet.